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PermaJet Portrait White 285

PermaJet Portrait White 285
SKU : 5055150000000
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PermaJet Portrait White 285 (€33.00)
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A2 25 sheets €120.00
A4 25 sheets €33.00
A3 25 sheets €64.00

Whiter than white...

Featuring many of the characteristics that have made our Portrait 300 one of most recognised and used papers, we have now introduced this whiter based version.

We have met the requirements of our customers who love the outstanding quality offered by Portrait 300 but require a higher level of colour vibrancy that a whiter base delivers.

This acid-free, smooth, highly calendered 285gsm base has been given our superior coating to give a more lively feeling to the subject.

Reproductions will exhibit a high D-MAX and wide colour gamut making it suitable for the subtlety of complex skin tones. 100% Alpha Cellulose base.

Excellent highlights and shadow detail!

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