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Postoperative bandages: what they are and what they are used for

The post-operative bandage is a special elastic belt. It is designed to prevent complications that can occur after abdominal surgery. The belts are designed to support the anterior abdominal wall, groin and internal organs.

The benefits of products

Bandages postoperative contribute:

Reducing pain;

Early healing of wounds;

- the correct closeing of the seam.

Thanks to their use, the rehabilitation period is reduced, there are no postoperative hernias and swelling. These simple products contribute to the psychological and physical comfort of the person. The positive effect of wearing bandages is achieved due to the fact that they evenly distribute the pressure of internal organs on the abdominal cavity.

Design and materials

For more convenience, post-operative bandages are connectored and supplied with sticky clasps. To prevent the supporting belts from rubbing the skin, their inner layer is made of cotton. In addition to cotton, the production uses viscose, lycra, elastan, microfiber. The combination of these materials provides the optimal level of compression and fixing of seams.


There are several types of postoperative bandages:

- against-the-most;

- abdominal;

- for the thoracic department.

Anti-gray products serve as a prevention of the occurrence of hernias. They fix the groin buy viagra in Dublin area and abdominal wall, not allowing to bulge internal organs. Such bandages are appointed by a doctor, and they should be worn only after the hernia is corrected.

Abdominal or postpartum models are used to rehabilitate women in the postpartum period. They reduce the load on the seam and prevent it from diverging.

As for the bandages on the chest department, they stabilize and fix the chest after operations and various injuries. They are often used in myalgia, myositis and neuralgia.

When to start wearing

In each case, the recommendations on the use of the bandage is voiced by the doctor. Usually these products are prescribed by specialists immediately after the operation. Wear the same is supposed to be worn until the seam is finally healed. You can't remove the support belt during the day. Break in its use do only at night.

How to wear

It is more convenient and correct to wear a bandage lying down. In this position, the abdominal muscles are relaxed, which relieves the pressure on the operated area. Placing an elastic belt on the right area of the body, it must be fixed. Do not delay the product too tight, because it will damage the fabric of the scar.

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