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Intro to Photography - Beginner DSLR Half Day Class

Intro to Photography - Beginner DSLR Half Day Class

If you are new to the world of photography or just a little rusty this class is ideal for you.

Aimed at beginners the class is undertaken in a fun, friendly atmosphere. 

The class will cover the main aspects of photography beginning with Aperture, Shutter Speeds and what they mean.Whilst also looking at what they can do for your photography and why you would choose either setting. ISO and White Balance are also explored. Composition is a very important aspect of photography and as such there is a section of the class covering that too. 

Class Breakdown:

Aperture controlling the opening of the lens will allow you to control depth of field. If you open the aperture you will be able to blur out the background, if you close the opening you can get razor sharp images. This part of the class will allow you to understand how to do this and how it can affect portraits and landscapes. 

Shutter Speed controlling how fast or slow your shutter opens can allow you to create magical images This section of the class will explain this in detail and make it very easy to master.

ISO & White Balance These important elements of photography make it so easy to get much better images. By telling the camera what light you are using you can ensure that the colours in your images are true to life and by telling the camera how dark it is you can get fantastic images without the need for a flash, reducing unwanted red eyes in the process.

Composition composition can be critical to photography. Have you ever looked at an image and thought  'that is amazing'  , why is this so much better than my other photos? It is simple: there are a few rules of composition when it comes to art.Photograhy is no different. This section of the class is nice and relaxed and it makes understanding these rules so much easier.

Lighting light is very important in the world of photography. This section will help you to gain an understanding for light and how to use it to better your photos.

Equipment the final section of the class will look at what equipment is available and more importantly, what you might need to make those dream images you wish to create a reality. 

Whether you are a budding portrait photographer or if you prefer to shoot landscapes, or if you have your own niche interest in mind this class will be your first step to becoming competent with the program modes of your camera .  

Classes are run in our photographic studio. We have 8-10 places available on each day, our class is kitted with cushioned chairs that have a writing tablet for your comfort. The class is visually based using a powerpoint presentation to go through all topics.The class is very interactive and all questions and queries will be answered. This class is designed for owners of an SLR or bridge camera.

Speakers: Bryan Moore

Location: Whelan Cameras Studio

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