Nikon Ambassador, Tom Mason with his 5 Quick Tips to help you take better Wildlife Photography.

Know Your Subject

The best way to get better at shooting wildlife is to know the animal you are shooting very well. Observe their movements and habits will help you capture them even better.

Get Low

Get on your hands and knees to get a better perspective. Get eye level with your animal and you will get more pleasing images with better perspective than shooting down at them. It will also keep them at ease if you can blend in with the environment.

Optimal Settings

Set your camera to Auto Focus Continuous. Choose back button auto focus and track your subject. Set your Shutter Speed the same as the focal length of your lens. So 200mm - 1/200 to reduce camera shake.

Proper Support

Hold your camera correctly. Use a tripod or monopod too, this will also give you the correct support to get extra stability.

Give Your Animal Space

Don't fall into the filling the frame trap. Give your animal room to move in its environment.