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Bowens 05917B Lock Knob
Bowens 05917B Lock Knob ..
Bowens Bulb
Bowens GEMINI 500R (X2) TX/RX KIT
The best-selling Gemini 500R professional flash photographic lighting kit contains everything you..
Bowens GEMINI 500R (X3) TX/RX KIT
It is often said that two heads are better than one.  Well, when it comes to lighting - the ..
Bowens GEMINI 400RX
With Bowens entry-level flash lighting there is no compromise on quality or features. The ult..
Bowens GEMINI 500R
The Bowens Gemini 500R flash has been designed to offer photographers not only ultimate creative ..
Bowens XMSR Radio Remote
The XMSR trigger: groundbreaking technology built-in It’s all a..
Bowens XMT Remote
The XMTR trigger system: complete control at your fingertips The XMTR is a TTL and High-..
Bowens Beauty Dish Grid
This 3/8" (9.5mm) honeycomb grid, for the 21" Silver Beauty Dish or the 21" White ..
Bowens Diffuser for Beauty Dish
Shower cap diffuser for the beauty dish ..
90cm [3'] Great for creating an outstanding, even, blank light canvas for glamour or fashion ..
Bowens 15° Snoot
Designed to create a simple spot effect, this 10cm (4") cone can also be used as a hair light, pu..
Bowens 21" White Beauty Dish
A studio essential. This large (53.5cm) white beauty dish provides a wonderful soft, diffused, ..
Bowens 60° Grid Reflector Set
With a rolled rim and indent, this medium-angle reflector will hold an 7" honeycomb grid. Com..
Bowens Backlite Reflector
With its elliptical 20cm x 30.5cm shape, this backlight reflector produces an oval pool of light ..
Bowens Clip-on Barn Doors
These are a must for anyone using direct reflectors. Simply clip to the rim of your reflector to ..
Bowens Backlight Stand
The world's best lights deserve the worlds best support. Bowens Light Support Stands represen..
Bowens Backlite Gels
A set of 12 coloured gels for the Backlite Reflector. ..
Bowens Black Multiclip
The Multiclip has thousands of uses around the studio. This unique double-ended, swivel-mounted c..
Bowens FLASH TUBE UV coated for all Gemini 200/400/250R/500R & previous Esprits to 500ws
User replaceable standard (2 leg) UV coated flash tube for use with Bowens moonlights. Flash Tube..
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