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Nikon D850 Body Only

Nikon D850 Body Only
Nikon D850 Body Only Nikon D850 Body Only Nikon D850 Body Only Nikon D850 Body Only
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Nikon D850 Body Only (€2,999.00)
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Body Only €2,999.00

Witness the next stage in evolution for high-resolution photography. The D850 doesn’t simply surpass the incredible image quality of the D810, with 45.7 effective megapixels and ISO sensitivity from 64-25600. It pairs these with a new level of versatile and uncompromising performance, including continuous shooting speeds of 7 fps (up to 9 fps with the optional MB-D18 Multi-Power Battery Pack) and the 153-point AF system used in the flagship D5. It’s the first Nikon FX-format D-SLR camera to offer full-frame 4K UHD video, while time-lapse shooters can create high-resolution sequences even under extremely low light. From landscape to commercial sports, wedding and fashion photography, as well as multimedia shooting, the D850 lets you create astounding images that meet the strictest professional requirements.

Magnificent images with stunning detail — Nikon FX-format, backside illumination CMOS sensor delivering 45.7 megapixels with ISO 64-25600

The D850 allows landscape photographers to capture a diverse range of scenes in sumptuously rich detail. It is the first Nikon D-SLR to use a backside illumination sensor, which allows incoming light to reach photodiodes more efficiently. Together with the camera’s low-noise performance, this enables it to achieve ISO 25600 despite its high pixel count. What’s more, it strikes an optimal balance between sensor sensitivity and the volume of light information accumulated in photodiodes, yielding images with a wide dynamic range even at ISO 64 (expandable to ISO 32 equivalent) — the lowest native ISO setting offered by any camera manufacturer. Copper wiring is used to cut electrical resistance, while the backside illumination structure allows a flexible wiring layout, reducing stray capacity. These measures enable 45-megapixel FX-format images to be captured at continuous shooting speeds of 9 fps. And because the sensor is designed without an optical low-pass filter, it can harness the sharpness of 45 megapixels when combined with the high resolving power of NIKKOR lenses. The D850 yields pictures that can be enlarged as massive prints at up to A2 size*2 or used for 8K digital signage displays.

Effective noise reduction, fine detail and colour reproduction with powerful image processing — EXPEED 5

Beauty is where you find it. The D850 captures it all — thanks to its EXPEED 5 image-processing engine, also incorporated in the flagship D5. EXPEED 5 renders delicate tonality in highly vivid colors, and its superb noise reduction suppresses noise effectively while maintaining detail. Its powerful calculation ability also permits high-speed continuous shooting at approx. 9 fps* with 45 megapixels, as well as full-frame, 4K UHD movie recording.

* When using the MB-D18 Multi-Power Battery Pack with the EN-EL18b/EN-EL18a Rechargeable Li-ion Battery. The D850 shoots at 7 fps with the EN-EL15a/EN-EL15.

Create your ideal images — Picture Control system

Nikon’s Picture Control system helps you craft images that match your creative intentions and purposes. The D850 incorporates the new Auto Picture Control, in addition to the seven existing presets. Each preset allows you to tune settings such as sharpening and clarity, opening up a wider range of options for achieving your ideal image. You can adjust settings and store them as your own custom Picture Controls.

Automatically adjust images to fit the scene — Auto Picture Control

Auto Picture Control produces more desirable images by automatically fine-tuning the tone curve, color, sharpening and clarity of the Standard option, according to each scene’s characteristics. As a result, blue skies and verdant greens are rendered more vibrantly for landscape shots. The Advanced Scene Recognition System is now even better at identifying light sources, meaning red colors can be emphasized in sunsets and sunrises.

Unparalleled resolving power to match 45 megapixels — NIKKOR lenses

With their exceptionally high resolving power, which makes full use of 45 megapixels, NIKKOR lenses are a perfect partner for the D850, allowing photographers in every field to better capture the essence of their vision, and render every delicate tone or nuance. Thanks to Nikon’s superb optical technology, they provide sharp resolution even at the periphery of an image, combined with elaborately designed, beautiful image-blur characteristics. Many lenses feature the anti-reflective Nano Crystal Coat, which effectively reduces ghost and flare. They are also designed to reproduce point light sources as point images as much as possible. NIKKOR lenses are powerful tools for professionals looking to ensure brilliantly sharp images regardless of the subject, environment or lighting conditions.

Nail the shot with full detail and no mechanical vibration or shutter release sound — Silent photography at 45 megapixels

When capturing a night sky blanketed with stars, you probably want to avoid even the tiniest image blur to maximize the advantage of 45 megapixels. The D850’s silent photography function*1 in live view mode utilizes an electronic shutter instead of triggering any mirror or shutter movement, meaning it doesn’t cause any mechanical vibration. Photographers can capture every last detail in 45 megapixels — and in complete silence. This mode can be used in approx. 6-fps continuous shooting, but can also shoot approx. 8.6-megapixel pictures in DX image area at approx. 30 fps

More faithful colour reproduction under natural light — New natural light auto white balance option

The D850 employs a new “natural light auto” white balance mode, taking advantage of the Advanced Scene Recognition System’s improved light source identification function. This option delivers optimal white balance results under natural light — a valuable asset for landscape shooters. It makes it possible to respond quickly to changes in the weather conditions without switching to the direct sunlight or cloudy options. When shooting scenes such as an autumnal landscape awash with red leaves or spectacular orange sunset, it also enhances the warm colors, helping create even more impressive pictures.

Preserve details in highlights and shadows — Active D-Lighting

Even when shooting high-contrast scenes in backlit situations, Active D-Lighting preserves details in highlight areas as well as shadowy areas, reproducing brightness as you see it. Active D-Lighting is suitable for use with moving subjects, as it does not involve combining two images like the High Dynamic Range (HDR) function does.

Produce amazing dynamic range — HDR

The High Dynamic Range (HDR) function takes two images of different exposures with one shutter release and automatically combines them to produce a single image with a wider dynamic range. This achieves images with rich tonal gradation in shadows and highlights, even for high-contrast shooting scenes. HDR is ideal for stationary subjects such as high-contrast landscapes and still lifes.

Powerful AF in the dark and more compositional freedom — 153-point AF system and AF down to -4 EV

The D850’s powerful 153-point AF system — the same acclaimed technology used in the flagship D5 — delivers over 130% of the D810’s frame coverage, with 99 cross sensors offering powerful detection. Thanks to a Multi-CAM 20K autofocus sensor module, developed to keep noise to an absolute minimum, the central point functions at -4 EV* and other focus points at -3 EV*. Accurate AF is possible in challenging low-light or low-contrast situations — a great asset for landscape photographers shooting in the hours when light is scarce, such as at sunrise and sunset, and especially useful for capturing night time scenes.

Simplified adjustment for more accurate focus — Auto AF fine-tune for viewfinder shooting

Accurate AF is crucial to take full advantage of the D850’s high pixel count. To ensure focusing accuracy, the D850’s auto AF fine-tune makes subtle adjustments for each type of lens you use. The simplified process involves achieving focus in live view and letting the camera automatically acquire, then store, the AF tuning value.

Greater convenience in the field — Touchoperable, tilting 8-cm/3.2-in. 2359k-dot monitor

Whether lowering the camera down for a macro shot or pointing upwards at a starry night sky, the D850’s tilting LCD monitor makes it easier to shoot from difficult angles. The monitor opens smoothly even when the camera is mounted on a tripod and has the most extensive touch functionality found in any Nikon D-SLR camera to date. From changing menu settings to shooting to reviewing images, it brings a new level of convenience. And thanks to the monitor’s 2359k-dot high-resolution display, you can easily check images and confirm focus in precise detail — which is crucial when working with 45 megapixels — by pinching out to enlarge.

Achieve precise focus on a very small area — Pinpoint AF

The D850’s new pinpoint AF mode is a valuable asset for macro shooting in live view photography. It uses a focus area that’s a quarter the size of conventional normal-area AF, enabling you to achieve precise focus on small details — particularly useful when focusing on subjects such as the pistil or stamen of a flower.

Accurate manual focus confirmation — Focus peaking display

Many landscape photographers prefer to use manual focus for macro shots, such as when shooting at wide apertures like f/1.4 or f/2.8 with a shallow depth of field. The D850’s focus peaking display makes it easier to confirm manual focus during live view, including when zooming. The camera detects the scene’s highest-contrast edges — meaning they are in focus — and highlights them in a designated colour. You can choose to display highlights in red, white, yellow or blue, according to your subject’s own coloration, and adjust between three levels of detection sensitivity.

More accuracy in manual focus — Electronic rangefinder with improved precision

In addition to offering superb autofocus performance, the D850 also makes manual focusing more precise. Its electronic rangefinder identifies whether a subject is in focus more accurately than ever before, allowing you to capture sharp images when focusing in manual mode, or using a manual focus lens.

Bring everything in focus for focus stacking — Focus shift photography

When shooting a landscape containing various subjects at different focus distances or creating specimen pictures of insects and flowers, photographers may want to bring everything into sharp focus. The D850 introduces a focus shift photography function, which enables it to shoot sequences of up to 300 frames, while gradually and automatically shifting focus position from the start point to infinity. The shutter release interval can be set from 0-30 s, while the focus step width can be selected from 10 levels. Continuous shooting at approx. 5 fps is also available. Combining the pictures using focus stacking in post-production* gives you an image where every detail is in brilliantly sharp focus.

Huge time savings in post-production — In-camera RAW batch processing

Shooting in RAW gives greater leeway in post-production, letting photographers draw the most from the images they capture. Until now, however, processing RAW has always been extremely time-consuming. The D850 resolves this issue by offering an incredibly convenient, in-camera RAW batch-processing feature, which enables you to quickly apply the same adjustments to selected images. You can save the original RAW files and processed JPEG files on one large-capacity XQD card, or else save the original on XQD and the JPEG on an SD card in the second slot, for easier data management.

Show your creativity in a social media-friendly format — New 1:1 image area option

The D850 introduces a new image area option with a 1:1 aspect ratio. While reminiscent of 6 × 6 medium format, it’s also ideal for social media, where square images have become increasingly popular. It is also possible to add shading in the viewfinder around the image area you choose, helping you compose more accurately. You can create pictures to impress your followers, as well as experiment with the creative potential of this unique image area.

Shoot for extended periods without worry — Long battery life

Capturing a time-lapse sequence from dusk till dawn places enormous demands on power consumption, the D850 allows you to concentrate on shooting without having to worry about battery life. The camera can shoot up to approx. 1840 still images from a single charge of an EN-EL15a/ EN-EL15 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery, thanks to its energy-efficient power circuit and EXPEED 5 image processing engine. An optional weather- and dust-resistant MB-D18 Multi-Power Battery Pack can also be used as a power source, enabling shooting of up to 5140 images.

Dynamic wide-angle movies, in high resolution — Nikon’s first full-frame, 4K UHD video

The D850 lets you film magnificent 4K UHD/30p videos in full frame. You can capture more dramatic scenes by combining this with wide-angle NIKKOR lenses, which demonstrate high resolving power even around the periphery of the frame. It is also possible to simultaneously record uncompressed, broadcast quality 4:2:2 8-bit 4K UHD files on an external HDMI device. 4K UHD videos are also available in the DX-based movie format — equivalent to super 35mm size — while recording in MP4 format is possible in addition to the conventional MOV option.

Note: The aspect ratio is 16:9.

Easily turn moments into drama — ×4 and ×5 slow-motion movie in Full HD

The D850 helps create dramatic Full HD movies with its new in-camera slow-motion video*. It can generate both ×4 slow-motion videos (films at 120/100p and records at 30/25p) and ×5 slow-motion videos (films at 120p and records at 24p) entirely in-camera — great for creating drama out of moments.

Take beautifully clean 4K UHD videos even in dark situations — Superior low-noise performance at high ISO settings

Even in dark scenes, you can rely on the D850 for consistently sharp video with low noise. Despite the great leap in effective pixel count from the D810, the camera achieves a wider standard sensitivity range of ISO 64-25600 for both stills and movies. This is thanks to the greater light-gathering efficiency of the new backside illumination CMOS structure, and the EXPEED 5 image-processing engine’s ability to effectively reduce noise while maintaining details. You can also widen the possibilities for your shooting by extending sensitivity up to Hi 2 (ISO 102400 equivalent). The D850 encourages videographers to explore their creativity in a variety of scenes.

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