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Canon TS-E 50mm F2.8L MACRO

Canon TS-E 50mm F2.8L MACRO
SKU : 4549292091984
Availability: Online Store Only (2-5 days)
Product Details:

This tilt-and-shift lens offers unique ways to control perspective and plane of focus thanks to carefully calibrated movements, outstanding optical engineering and precision moulded glass lenses for low distortion, exceptional edge-to-edge definition and macro down to 1:2 ratio.

  • A unique characteristic of a tilt-and-shift lens is the ability to adjust the plane of focus. This can be done creatively in camera without having to use a computer. Thanks to the adjustable movements in the lens construction, it is possible to increase depth-of-field or restrict focus to a small part of the subject; a useful and very convenient way to creatively direct the viewer’s attention to where you want it most.
  • A conventional lens with no movements will record the verticals of a tall subject, such as a building or a group of trees, with a certain degree of distortion depending on how close you are. A tilt-and-shift lens, thanks to its intricate adjustable shift movements, allows you to overcome the convergence of verticals without having to reposition the camera.
  • Maximise realistic detail even in close-up photography, with a lens that can focus up to half life-size. Ensure your subject is perfectly in proportion thanks to precise incremental movements built into the lens allowing careful fine-tuning of both plane of focus and subject perspective.
  • Using the very latest L-series lens technologies, the TS-E range of lenses are constructed to record the finest detail as realised by Canon high-resolution sensors. Large diameter, high precision, moulded glass aspherical lenses are used to reduce distortion as much as possible with advanced lens coatings to enrich contrast and sharpness.
  • Achieve exceptional focus and shoot with realism and clarity thanks to the versatility of a lens boasting a 0.5x maximum magnification. The TS-E 50MM F/2.8L MACRO is an ideal all-rounder perfect for landscape, architecture and product photography in the studio and boasts an exceptional tilt and shift range designed to give you ultimate shooting flexibility.


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