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Caruba Sling Strap Advanced Version

Caruba Sling Strap Advanced Version

With the Caruba Sling Strap Advanced Version you always have your camera ready for use quickly. The resilient neoprene ensures that any shocks are absorbed. This makes it a comfortable strap to wear, especially when you wear it for a longer period of time. 

High wearing comfort

The Caruba Sling Strap has a sling system so that you have your camera ready for use in one movement. It is suitable for cameras up to 5 kg. The part that rests on your shoulder is made of soft neoprene, so that any shocks are absorbed and the strap does not cut into your shoulder. The anti-slip material ensures that the strap remains well on your shoulder and does not shift unintentionally. The strap is adjustable from 100 to 154cm. 

Easy click system

The Sling Strap Advanced Version is quick and easy to detach from your camera thanks to the plastic clips. This is especially useful if you don't want to photograph with a dangling carrying strap. This way you prevent yourself from getting stuck behind something or accidentally getting your carrying strap in the picture.


  • Neoprene padding and anti-slip on the shoulder part
  • With handy click system
  • Adjustable from 100-154cm
  • Width of shoulder part is 4-6 cm
  • Width of the woven part is 1.9cm
  • Maximum carrying capacity of 5kg
  • Stock: 3-7 Days
  • Model: D136622
  • SKU: 8718485014482
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