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Hahnel Accessories

Hahnel Accessories
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HL-11L for Canon Digital Cameras CAPACITY 630mAh, 3.6V, 2.3Wh Replacement for Canon NB-11L ..
from €39.00
HL-12L for Canon Digital Cameras CAPACITY 1910mAh, 3.6V, 6.9Wh Replacement for Canon NB-12L ..
from €39.00
HL-E12 for Canon Digital Cameras CAPACITY 850mah, 7.2V, 5.8Wh Replacement for Canon LP-E12 ..
from €39.00
HL-ON1 for Olympus Digital Cameras CAPACITY 1220mAh, 7.6V, 9.3Wh Replacement for BLN-1 ..
from €39.00
Hahnel HL-XV70 Battery (Sony NP-FV70 Replacement) ..
from €59.00
Compact charger for TWO Extreme Batteries (only one supplied) Available for HLX-E6N &am..
from €69.00
• INCREASED ultra-high capacity • EXTRA durability in extreme conditions • Long lasting due t..
from €69.00
HLX-E8 for Canon Digital Cameras CAPACITY 1200mAh, 7.2V, 8.6Wh Replacement for LP-E8 • EXTRA ..
from €69.00
Compact charger for TWO Extreme Batteries Available for HLX-E6N & HLX-EL15HP ..
from €69.00
Fast Li-Ion Charger with USB Power Source Charges practically all Li-Ion digital camera b..
from €39.50
from €45.00
Hähnel UniPal Plus Universal ChargerFor practically all Lithium Ion 3.6V/3.7V &7.2V/7.4V & A..
from €39.00
UniPal. The first and only universal charger with fine adjustment wheels for easy and accura..
from €30.00
Control up to three groups of flash guns, each group comprising of multiple flash unitsTTL, Man..
from €89.00
Compatible with all hot-shoe mounted speedlites, this accessory kit includes five different light..
from €69.95
4 in 1 cleaning kit supplied with Air Blower , Lens cleaning pen , 35 ml lens cleaning solution a..
from €15.00
Hähnel HL-V108 for JVC Camcorders Capacity 920mAh, 3.6V, 3.3Wh ..
from €49.00
Powershot G1X HL-10L for Canon Digital Cameras   Capacity 7.4V, 860mAh, 6.4Wh ..
from €39.00
Powershot S100 Hähnel HL-1LHP for Canon Digital Cameras Capacity 1050mAh, 3.7V, 3.9Wh ..
from €39.00
Hähnel HL-2L for Canon Digital Camera / Camcorders Capacity 650mAh, 7.4V, 4.8Wh Lithium ..
from €39.00
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