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LEE Filters 100mm System Deluxe Landscape Starter Kit

LEE Filters 100mm System Deluxe Landscape Starter Kit
Availability: Online Store Only (2-5 days)
Product Details:

The LEE Filters 100mm System Deluxe Landscape Starter Kit contains five filters that can be used individually or in various combinations to improve the results of your landscape photography by preventing overexposure as well as distracting reflections or glare. The included filters consist of a 105mm circular polarizer, a 100 x 100mm 10-stop solid neutral density filter, as well as three 100 x 150mm graduated neutral density filters that reduce the amount of light entering a lens by up to four, three, and two stops, respectively. Additionally, the four and two-stop graduated neutral density filters feature a medium-edged line of transition between their dense and clear areas while the three-stop graduated neutral density filter has a hard-edged line of transition. Together, these graduated neutral density filters provide a versatile solution for various lighting conditions and horizon lines. To allow these neutral density filters to be placed in front of a lens, this kit contains a filter holder for rectangular filters that are 100mm wide and 2mm thick. To connect the filter holder to a lens's front filter threads, a separately-available LEE Filters lens adapter ring is required. This kit also contains an adapter ring to connect the circular polarizer filter to the filter holder. For storage and transport, soft pouches are included for the filter holder, the circular polarizer filter, and the solid neutral density filter, while a microfiber filter wrap is provided that can accommodate the three graduated neutral density filters.

  • Foundation Kit (Standard 4x4", 4x6" Filter Holder) (Requires Adapter Ring)


    The Lee Foundation Kit is the basic element of the Lee filter holder System. This kit contains all the necessary components (including a small screwdriver) to construct a versatile holder that when assembled in its standard form, accepts three filters - 100mm (4") wide x 2mm thick. It also holds 4x6" (100 x 150mm, 2mm thick) filters. The holder can be made to accommodate up to four 2mm thick filters by using the separately-available Lee Filters 3/4" Side-Guide Screws and an additional set of Side Guides for 2mm Thick Filters.


    Lee makes a variety of standard and wide angle adapter rings in screw-in and bayonet sizes as well as accessory compendium shades. When mounted, this holder will rotate on the adapter ring for positioning a polarizer or a graduated filter. Optional "side-guides" and guide mounting screws in shorter/longer lengths are available for use with 1mm and 4mm thick filters.


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