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Fujifilm Instax Mini 99 (Black)

Fujifilm Instax Mini 99 (Black)
Unleash your artistic flair by creating one-of-a-kind, attention-grabbing instant photos as unique as you with the INSTAX MINI 99 analog instant camera. This premium instant camera lets you capture photos in their true, analog format. Firstly, you’ve got six awe-inspiring colour effect settings to fuel your creative freedom (they’re all powered by colour-changing LEDs located in the four corners inside the camera). Plus, one normal setting for when you want to keep things ‘real’. Next, it’s all about the shooting modes. From Bulb to Indoor, Double exposure to Sports, there’s five to choose from and they’re easy to switch between.

  • Six colour effects
  • Five shooting modes
  • Five brightness levels
  • Multiple flash functions
  • Tactile matt black finish
  • Manual Vignette Switch
  • Prints credit card-sized photos
  • Premium analog instant camera
  • Three Focus modes (Macro, Standard and Landscape)
  • Shoulder strap included
  • Base Grip Tripod Mount
  • Two shutter buttons
  • Self-timer
What’s more, the classic camera styling makes the INSTAX MINI 99 great to look at, and the stunning matt black finish with sleek dials and buttons gives an incredibly tactile quality. The two identical shutter buttons help you switch from Portrait to Landscape orientation for those must-have shots. And as well as having a tripod base mount, this instant camera comes with a precision-milled tripod adapter that also acts as a grip when unmounted.

Fujifilm crafted every surface, edge, corner (and feature) of this camera to perfection, leaving you to do what you do best - capturing one-off shots, your way.

Create one-of-a-kind, attention-grabbing instant photos as unique as you with the INSTAX MINI 99. With excellent light and colour control, this premium instant camera is designed to give you the real analog experience.

be one-of-a-kind with light and color
Classic finish
The classic camera styling, the stunning tactile matt black finish, the sleek dials and buttons; every surface, edge and corner of this analog instant camera has been crafted to perfection.

Two identical shutter buttons. One on the side for landscape shots and one on the front for portraits, both designed for easy handling, whatever the aspect.

Tripod ready
As well as a tripod thread, the INSTAX MINI 99 also comes with a precision-milled Base Grip Tripod Mount accessory that acts as a handy grip when unmounted.

Always with you
The included shoulder strap means you can glide from gig to gallery to street festival with the INSTAX MINI 99 instant camera draped effortlessly over your shoulder.

Focus your way
Turn the lens dial to power up your camera. Stop at Landscape for distances, Macro for stunning close-ups or Standard Mode for everything in between.

COLOUR YOUR WAY - With 6 colour effects
With the INSTAX MINI 99 you can let the colour do the talking. Twist the Colour Effect Dial and you’ve got six awe-inspiring analog colour effects to fuel your creative freedom (all powered by colour-changing LEDs located in the four corners inside the camera). Don’t want to use a colour effect? No problem, just twist the dial to Normal Mode.

Faded Green (FG)
Add a classic, greenish atmosphere for a touch of nostalgia.

Warm Tone (WT)
Apply a sense of warmth and emotion to casual photos.

Light Blue (LB)
Create a gentle, light and refreshing feel with a pale blue hint.

Soft Magenta (SM)
Produce soft looking, reddish hue images.

Sepia (SP)
Opt for a timeless tone, courtesy of a yellow vintage style tint.

Light Leak (LL)
Add dramatic light 'bleed' for a burst of colour and randomness.

Five levels of brightness
Low-key or high-key? With the Brightness Control Dial, you’ll always be in tune. For the brightest exposure select L+, for the darkest, choose D-. In between you’ll find L and D, and N if you’re looking for standard brightness levels.

Deepen the look
Darken the edges of your photo to draw attention to the centre of your image with the Manual Vignette Switch. Turn it on and the lens aperture narrows, creating a powerful artistic look. Turn it off to capture all available light for a more natural shot.

In the action
Enjoy getting in front of the camera as much as behind it by twisting the lens into Macro Mode (it’s perfect for selfies). Experience the thrill of a photo emerging from the INSTAX MINI 99, developing before your very eyes to reveal the ultimate (self) portrait.

Light your way
Fill-in flash, Red-eye removal, Automatic Flash or Flash off, the INSTAX MINI 99 lets you choose the flash function to match the look you envisage. They’re simple to select, cleverly altering the tone of your shot to maximise your overall creative expression.

SHOOTING MODES - Modes to fit the moment
Make each and every photo count with the right shooting mode. Not only are they easy to cycle through, but they help capture photos in their true, analog format.

Auto Mode
For everyday shooting, the flash and shutter speed will adjust accordingly to capture the perfect level of brightness.

Indoor Mode
Bring lightness to dark interior shots with Indoor Mode; beautifully capturing the subject and background in harmonious focus.

Sports Mode
To reduce blur, make a dash for Sports Mode when snapping ‘won’t stand still for two seconds’ subjects like children, animals and athletic types.

Double Exposure Mode
Take two individual shots and superimpose them into one photo. Perfect for telling your story in a creatively exciting, yet abstract way.

Bulb Exposure Mode
Capture attractive light streaks and night views with this mode. By keeping the shutter open for up to 10 seconds, night time can be alive with light.

Press the shutter button, get yourself into the shot (you’ve got about 10 seconds) and 'click', the shot’s taken. No one gets left out with the INSTAX MINI 99.
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