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Flashgun Accessories

Brand: Godox
The Godox Accessories Kit AK-R1 for H200R Head is an accessories kit for the H200R and V1. The kit consists of various parts to adjust the light effect. The kit consists of a diffusion ball, various colour filters, a honey comb and a snoot. Via the magnetic connection on the H200R and V1, the access..
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Brand: Godox
Spare Battery for Godox V1..
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Brand: Godox
Spare Godox V1 Charger VC26..
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Brand: Lastolite
Softboxes are one of the most popular light modifying tools for portrait, wedding and product photography, essential for creating flattering lighting. The Ezybox Micro enables photographers to direct the bright light emitted by their flashguns to produce softer, more controlled and even lighting thu..
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Brand: Magmod
Use your reportage flash in a more creative way with the MagMod Basic Kit 3 which contains various accessories from the MagMod light modification range! For example, the kit includes the MagGrip magnetic base, a MagGrid 2 and a MagGel 2 Slot including eight different colour correction filter gels. I..
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Brand: Magmod
This is the ultimate kit for active photographers. Get the most out of MagMod's awesome magnetic softbox in a kit that includes the MagBox, MagRing and MagShoe, plus a FocusDiffuser and gels for extra control over your light and a great case to store everything in. What's in the kit?1 MagBox 24..
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Brand: Magmod
This kit provides you with the 3 main products you need for the MagBox system. Create beautiful, soft light quickly and easily with 1 or 2 flashes with this starter kit.What's in the kit?1 MagBox 24 octa (61cm)1 MagRing1 MagShoe1 MagBox Fabric Diffuser* A MagGrip is required to attach your flash...
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Brand: Magmod
The innovative MagMod MagGrip is the magnetic basis for the modular MagMod system for reportage flashes! No more hassle with Velcro or self-invented systems. And no, the magnets have absolutely no influence on the operation of your flash and do not damage it. The two super strong magnets of the MagG..
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Brand: Magmod
The MagMod Professional Flash Kit contains the six best-selling Speedlight light distorters from MagMod, namely the MagGrip, MagGrid, MagGel, MagSphere, MagBouncne and the Creative Gel set. With this comprehensive kit you have easy control over the light of your documentary flash.MagMod MagGrip and ..
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MagMod Starter Flash Kit MagMod Starter Flash Kit
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Brand: Magmod
The consists of the MagGrip, MagSphere and the MagGrid. With these accessories you can focus all your attention on what you do best: making great and creative images!MagMod MagGripThe innovative MagGrip is the magnetic basis for the modular MagMod system for reportage flashes! No more hassle with Ve..
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