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Godox X PRO Transmitter for Canon

Godox X PRO Transmitter for Canon

The Godox X Pro transmitter is a versatile trigger for controlling Godox reportage flashes and studio flashes with the built-in wireless Wireless X system. In addition, you can also control original flash units when you use them in combination with a Godox X1 receiver. The transmitter has a working range of approximately 100 meters and you can attach it directly to the hot shoe of your camera. In addition to support for E-TTL II, the Godox X Pro also offers the option to set it manually. 

Versatile flash options with the Godox X Pro

The Godox X Pro is easy to operate with the five group buttons and four function buttons. You set the zoom range individually for each group and the transmitter offers eleven user-adjustable functions. In addition, the trigger is equipped with various useful functions such as High Speed ​​Sunc, Flash Exposure lock and zoom control. When you turn off the transmitter, the last used settings are automatically saved. The various settings are easy to read from the large illuminated display. The display offers full graphical representation of five groups simultaneously. The power is supplied by means of two AA batteries. 


  • Support for i-TTL and manual control
  • High Speed ​​Sync, zoom control and flash exposure lock
  • 16 groups and 32 channels for wireless control and triggering
  • Eleven user customizable functions
  • Working range of approximately 100 meters
  • Operates in the 2.4GHz frequency band
  • Large and brightly lit display
  • USB-C port for firmware updates
  • 2.5mm sync jack
  • Operates on two AA batteries
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