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Sekonic Flashmate L-308X

Sekonic Flashmate L-308X
Sekonic Flashmate L-308X




Inspired by the popular legacy of the L-308 series that began almost a quarter of a century ago, the NEW Sekonic FLASHMATE L-308X addresses significant features and functions that meet and exceed the needs of today’s Photo and Cine/Video shooters. The L-308X includes the familiar blend of compact, lightweight and intuitive design, which has made the L-308 series so popular, as well as the Cine/Video features of the affordable DigiCineMate L-308DC.

The versatility of the latest DSLR cameras has expanded the capabilities and creativity of today’s image makers. With just one camera, today’s shooters have become multi-media image makers, blending both still and moving images seamlessly, for the ultimate storytelling. Offering all the features expected from the latest generation L-308 series, the NEW FLASHMATE L-308X features an LCD backlight, Aperture priority (Photo Mode), and ISO 850 setting (for native ISO Cine Camera’s). The FLASHMATE L-308X is the perfect blend of Photo/Cine features all in one lightmeter.

Whether your shooting assignment is capturing images at a wedding, producing short training videos for a local business or producing a cinematographic documentary, the FLASHMATE L-308X accommodates your lighting challenge with accurate and comprehensive measurements that put the image maker in control.

The FLASHMATE L-308X offers full exposure control for photographer’s on-location or in the studio. In addition to Shutter Priority Mode, the NEW Aperture Priority Mode offers the carefree depth-of-field control provided on most DSLR’s. In addition, a range of ambient and flash functions including Cord and Cordless flash measurement, as well as ambient EV measurement are fully displayed. 

The key feature improvements over the FlashMate L-308s and DigiCineMate L-308DC that it replaces are;

 1) Integration of both stills and video interpretation of exposure settings. Including Cine mode using shutter angle, and Video DSLR/Mirrorless mode with FPS

2) Inclusion of ISO850 for video shooters with this as native ISO setting

3) Inclusion of Auto LCD Backlight to enable reading of display in low light conditions

3) Inclusion of Lux and FootCandle registers of scene illuminance, very useful when working with Chromakey

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