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Caruba Skydex 100

Caruba Skydex 100
Caruba Skydex 100
Caruba Skydex 100
Caruba Skydex 100
Caruba Skydex 100

The Caruba Skydex 100 backpack is compact on the outside, but offers more than enough space for storing a small SLR camera or a system camera with lens attached, a number of extra lenses, a flash and the necessary accessories such as batteries, memory cards and cables. In addition, there are a number of pockets for some personal items.

Smart layout of the Caruba Skydex 100

The Skydex 100 has a main compartment with padded and movable dividers. The closing lid has a mesh pocket with Velcro closure behind which cables can be neatly stored.

Ergonomic design

To make it as comfortable as possible, the Skydex 100 from Caruba has an ergonomic design with comfortable carrying straps. This way the weight is evenly distributed and you can walk around with the bag for a longer period of time without it becoming uncomfortable. The back of the backpack is also made of soft and breathable material.


- For complete photography equipment

- With removable, padded dividers

- Ergonomic shoulder straps and breathable back 

- Made of high quality materials

- Complete with handy rain cover

Included accessories

- Rain cover

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