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Caruba Lensball 80mm

Caruba Lensball 80mm
Caruba Lensball 80mm
SKU : 8718485016141
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Product Details:
Caruba Lensball 80mm €19.00

Take the most creative photos with the Caruba Lensball. This sphere of solid, transparent and 100% pure glass provides new perspectives with, for example, landscape photography, architectural photography and street photography. The lens ball is ideal for clear and sharp reflections. 


Because of the properties of glass you get a distorted image that is also upside down. You achieve the best effect by focusing on your subject in the ball. By playing with your depth of field you attract attention to the ball. Great effects can also be achieved by catching symmetrical shapes in the ball. or place your ball on a (colorful) surface and involve the ball in your composition. For example, put an object behind it that will be magnified enormously. 

Lens ball made of clear glass 

The ball is made of clear glass, without airlock, bubbles or stripes.

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