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Lastolite Strobo Kit with Ezybox Hotshoe Plate

Lastolite Strobo Kit with Ezybox Hotshoe Plate
Lastolite Strobo Kit with Ezybox Hotshoe Plate Lastolite Strobo Kit with Ezybox Hotshoe Plate
SKU : 5055140000000
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Product Details:
Lastolite Strobo Kit with Ezybox Hotshoe Plate €130.00

The Ezybox Hotshoe Strobo Kit is ideal, especially if you already have the Ezybox Hotshoe system or intend to use it in the future.

This kit provides everything you need, starting with the Ezybox Hotshoe plate (LS2414) for mounting your flashgun and plate adaptor (LL LS2611). This then allows you to affix Strobo accessories such as the Honeycomb Grids and Gel Holders which come in this kit.

As well as Strobo accessories you can also attach your Ezybox Hotshoe softbox's onto this plate.

This kit includes:
Ezybox Hotshoe Plate (2414)
1x Ezybox Hotshoe Plate Adaptor
2x Honeycomb Grids 3/8'' (9mm) and 1/4'' (6mm)
2x Gel Holders
1x Gel Set

Gel Set Contents:
1x Set of 3 Warming Gels - Full,1/2and1/4CTO
1x Set of 3 Cooling Gels Full,1/2and1/4CTB
1x Set of 4 Coloured Gels - Red, Yellow, Blue & Green
1x Neutral Density 0.6 - 2 Stop Gel
1x Frosted 1 Stop Diffuser Gel

What is Strobo?
The Strobo is a compact and simple to use creative light modifying system for battery operated flash guns. The Strobo is available as individual components or in various kit configurations using two different flash gun attachment methods, one which fits directly onto a flash gun and the other which utilises the Ezybox Hotshoe Plate. Each version incorporates clever magnetic connection points which allow a range of accessories to simply snap into place in front of the flash gun, ready to modify the raw light as it leaves the gun. The range of modifiers include honeycombs, gels, gobos, a snoot and barn doors. The modifiers can be used individually or in combination with each other.


Product Features

Accessories Available

A wide range of accessories is available for greater versatility.

Compatible With Flashguns

This item will work with your flashguns.

Universal Fit

This product will fit all making it especially usable.


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