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MagMod Professional Flash Kit

MagMod Professional Flash Kit
MagMod Professional Flash Kit
SKU : 854211005367
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Product Details:
MagMod Professional Flash Kit €239.00

The MagMod Professional Flash Kit contains the six best-selling Speedlight light transformers from MagMod, namely the MagGrip, MagGrid, MagGel 2 Slot, MagSphere, MagBounce and the Creative Gel set. With this comprehensive kit you have simple control over the light of your reportage flash.

MagMod MagGrip and MagBounce

The innovative MagGrip is the magnetic base for the modular MagMod system for reporting flash units! No more hassle with Velcro or self-invented systems. And no, the magnets have absolutely no influence on the operation of your flash and do not damage it. The two super strong magnets of the MagGrip are not visible at the front. To spread and soften the light of the reportage flash, you can use the MagBounce! And that without affecting the power of light. In fact, this is a small softbox. The MagBounce is made of durable silicone rubber and therefore fits into every photo bag. The design makes it possible to use the bounce for horizontally and vertically oriented images.

MagGel 2 Slot and Creative Gel set

The MagGel 2 Slot has been designed to accommodate up to three colors of MagGel filters. The Creative Gel set includes eight different color filters made of high-quality polycarbonate. With this you can give the flash light an effect or make the color tone of the light equal to the ambient light. The modular design of the MagMod system also ensures that these filters are easy to use with other accessories and so you can combine them. The MagMod system is set up so that you can combine the MagGels with the grid or the MagSphere for obtaining creative light effects!

MagMod MagSphere and MagGrid

The MagMod MagSphere transforms the hard light from the reportage flash to an omni-directional light source that is very softly distributed. The MagSphere is made of durable silicone rubber that is semi-transparent and flexible. He fits in every photo bag! You can use this hood as the main light or as a bouncekap. There is even a gel holder for two gels integrated. The magnetic MagMod MagGrid is an innovative grid for reportage flash units! With the 40-degree pattern you can direct the flash light wherever you want because scattering is drastically reduced. The grid is also very fast to use.

- Professional set of accessories for the modular MagMod system

- Easy to attach and release

- Lightning fast and innovative

- Flexible in use

- MagMod MagGrip

- MagMod MagGrid

- MagMod MagSphere

- MagMod MagBounce

- MagGel 2 Slot

- MagMod Creative Gel Set

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