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Product Features Compatible With Studio Heads This prod..
from €49.00
Product Features Simple Assembly Simple fast setup mean..
from €129.00
This is an Interfit COR760 Background Support with a Telescopic Crossbar. Its stands ca..
from €155.00
This reflector Stand can be used with 5 in 1 reflectors,Collapsible backgrounds or larger Reflect..
from €39.99
Product Features Reversible A different surface on each..
from €279.00
The universal bracket is a compact and versatile way to support a reflector. For diffusers use it..
from €75.00
DESCRIPTION Background paper drive set for one roll. Including metal black chain. Expands fro..
from €129.00
attachment number type 14 attachment type Color ..
from €189.00
  Arm Tube Diameters 35.29mm ..
from €149.00
The ultimate adjustable lighting pole system can be used to create a background support, structur..
from €149.00
DESCRIPTION Boom attaches to the shaft of most lightstands with diameters of 19, 20, 25, 28mm..
from €169.00
The swivel umbrella adapter provides a 5/8 female mount both top and bottom, plus one adapter wit..
from €39.00
DESCRIPTION Articulated arm with large locking knob. Variable friction and locking of arm obt..
from €169.00
Manfrotto's extremely modular background support system is reliable, simple to use and flexible e..
from €54.99
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