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Brand: Godox
A new addition to the Godox AD family, Pocket Flash AD100pro inherits the advantages of the Godox AD series and excellent compatibility with the Godox radio system. It is extremely compact and lightweight, relieving photographers of shooting in locations. You will also benefit from this flash with i..
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Brand: Godox
The Godox Witstro AD200 Pro is the successor to the AD200 and has the same light output but a faster recycling time of 0.01-1.8s. This compact portable flash comes with an interchangeable barebulb and speedlight flash head and a high capacity professional lithium-ion battery. This combination offers..
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Brand: Godox
This 300Ws powerful flash has a similar size to a 70-200mm f2.8 lens. Measuring 19 x 9.6 x 8.6cm and weighing just over 1.4kg including battery, this flash is compact, lightweight and easy to store in your camera bag. This versatile monolight can work as a photo and video light, and has a two-colour..
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Brand: Godox
The Godox Witstro AD600 Pro is a portable flash head with a built-in 2.4GHz Wireless X system. This versatile flash head is compatible with most TTL flash systems, including Canon E-TTL II, Nikon i-TTL, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus and Fuji. The flash has a flash power of 600W / s with a brightness adju..
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Brand: Godox
The Godox AD1200Pro Recycles at full power in just two seconds and features HSS that works at shutter speeds up to 1/8000 second with flash duration from 1/220 to 1 / 10,860 seconds. Another unique setting is the stable colour temperature mode, which precisely controls the colour to maintain tempera..
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