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Manfrotto XPRO 4-Section Photo Monopod with Quick Power Lock

Manfrotto XPRO 4-Section Photo Monopod with Quick Power Lock
SKU : 8024220000000
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Product Details:
Manfrotto XPRO 4-Section Photo Monopod with Quick Power Lock €89.00
Solid and Fast to set up Quick Power Lock

The new Quick Power Lock levers provide extreme locking grip and can be released with one single hand movement. The QPL significantly enhances the easy, fast and secure set up allowing the photographer to move quickly and safely without worrying about its camera support.

New Rubber Leg Warmer

The new Rubber Leg warmer, commonly shared with 055 and 190 tripods, dramatically increases the comfort and hand grip. The photographer will handle the monopod with safety and speed. The new recognized and successful design impart a premium and outstanding style.

High versatility for every use

The upper disc provides a smart solution that enables the photographer to directly attach the camera thanks to the 1/4-inch thread or accommodate a specific head using the 3/8-inch attachment without removing or adding any part to the monopod.

The D-shaped aluminium tube

The D-shaped aluminium tubes greatly improve the anti-rotation resistance, ensuring rigidity and steadiness throughout the monopod following the fast rotating movement of the photographer.The QPL can strongly lock the legs pressing directly on the flat face of the tube preventing jerky, uneven movements.

Creatively shoot without any hassle. The XPRO OVER 4-Section Monopod with Quick Power Lock gives you full range of movement, and incredible vertical reach thanks to its ingenious over camera design. As well as its smart usability, this photo monopod is built to last. Thanks to an innovative d-shaped aluminium tube, the stand is totally rigid when up, easily supporting your gear, so you can capture perfect shots without slips or wobbles. 

This far reaching photo monopod stretches up to 180cms, giving you all the scope you need, particularly when you’re on those tricky shoots requiring a wide range of shooting angles. Rubber leg warmers add to this stand’s absolute stability, and ensure smooth, gliding movements, so you can forget about jerking from one angle to the next. And this hard-wearing photo stand has clever anti-rotation resistance built in. 

Using this must-have monopod isn’t the only easy part. Setting up is a breeze too. Quick power lock makes things not only super quick, but completely secure too. Just a few simple actions and you’ll be firmly in place. The leg warmers add to its stability by giving you extra grip, and standard camera attachments take all the fuss out of connecting your gear. It comes with universal 1/4' - 3/8' camera fixing screws too, so you’ll have everything you need in one bag.

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