Shane recently had the pleasure of meeting Sam from Sony to talk through the new Sony A7C. 

Through Zoom, Sam talked us through the key differences between the A7C, the larger Sony A7 Mark 3 and the smaller Sony RX100 Mark VI.

Previously, Sam and Shane had gone to King John’s Castle to see when you might use a full frame camera, such as the A7 III, and when something smaller and more portable like the RX series might be more useful. At the time, Shane was really blown away by the power of such a small camera like the RX100), and Sony have similarly blown him away with the power of their new A7C. 

The A7C continues the tradition of small, light, powerful cameras; but now it comes equipped with a full frame sensor. It’s amazing just how far camera technology has come, with the new A7C having eye and face detect autofocus, as well as a realm of video specs to play with. 

Although we haven’t had a chance to use the camera yet, Sam showed us some footage he shot with it and the quality is astounding. We think we’ll slowly be moving away from smaller sensor as the cost of full frame sensors comes down, but also Sam showed off how he uses his camera in conjunction with his phone. 

At the end of the conversation it was clear the future is bright for Sony. They have an amazing range of cameras out now, and there really is something for everyone.