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02 Sep Mastering the Art of Aperture in Photography: A Comprehensive Guide
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Aperture is a fundamental concept in photography that plays a critical role in controlling the amount of light that enters your camera's sensor, as we..
14 Aug Mastering Shutter Speed in Photography: A Comprehensive Exploration
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Mastering Shutter Speed in Photography: A Comprehensive ExplorationShutter speed is a foundational concept in photography that governs the amount of t..
22 Jun Image Stabilized Binoculars
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In this video, Oliver Wright, a wildlife and macro photographer describes how he uses his set of Canon binoculars, and the difference it makes to his ..
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Nikon adds the powerful and agile Z 8 to its range of professional Z series mirrorless cameras. Packing a host of Z 9 features into a lightweight body..
18 Feb DJI Mini 3 Pro | User Review
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This is the DJI Mini 3 Pro. It was released in May 2022. I bought this drone to take aerial photos and videos of landscapes, especially along the west..
21 Jan How to capture photos remotely – and why you'll want to
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How to capture photos remotely – and why you'll want toFor wildlife, night-time and landscape photography, as well as self-portraits, learning how to ..
24 Nov Christmas Gift Guide
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Christmas Gift GuideChristmas present season has officially arrived, and here at Whelan Cameras, we pride ourselves on having a spot-on gift idea for ..
24 Aug Capture more of your world with the Sony ZV-E10
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Sony ZV-E10LInterchangeable-lens vlog cameraCapture more of your worldDesigned for creative vloggers who aspire to an artistic look, the ZV-E10 takes ..
29 Jun Nikon Announce Game-raising Vlogging Camera, the Nikon Z30
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Nikon is delighted to announce a game-raising vlogging camera, the Nikon Z 30. Small, capable, and super-simple to use, the Z 30 mirrorless camera is ..
30 May EOS R7 vs EOS R10: which is right for you?
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With the launch of the Canon EOS R7 and Canon EOS R10, the Canon EOS R System is once again breaking new ground. As the first RF-mount mirrorless came..
10 Feb What's new at Whelan Cameras
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We have been busy adding new things to our store over the past few weeks. On top of all the new camera releases recently we have also been adding new ..
15 Jan Landscape Photos Checklist
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Landscape Photos Checklist - We have put together a handy little checklist to help you take better photos when out and about. Fun landscape photograph..
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