In this video, Oliver Wright, a wildlife and macro photographer describes how he uses his set of Canon binoculars, and the difference it makes to his work flow. In his words, you don't realise how much you need IS binoculars until you use them. With a full range available from entry level 10x30 binoculars to the professional 10x42L IS WP set that Oliver uses, there is a set for every use.

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All Canon binoculars are image stabilised - so you can comfortably identify and track subjects at high magnification for longer. Canon’s Optical Image Stablizer detects and counteracts movement to give you a super steady and comfortable view. Image stabilised binoculars quickly and precisely counter the motion of a moving car or boat as well as handshake and even slower repetitive motion caused by breathing. Easily identify, follow and keep track of moving or flying subjects, thanks to smooth panning support, which corrects shake as you follow your subject. By effectively counteracting shake, you can comfortably use your Canon image stabilised binoculars for long periods of time with reduced eyestrain.