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Brand: Godox
Create a viewer-welcoming ambience for your viewers with the Godox CL10 RGB Ambient Light. The CL10 Multi-Colour LED has 36000 selectable colours and 39 special effects and so enables full customization of your light.The light is powered via USB-C, and comes with a desk-stand and remote control via ..
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Brand: Godox
Godox Esports LED Light ES45 KitThe Godox E-Sports ES45 LED Kit is a 56W LED panel, specially designed for e-sports streamers. The light is built to last with a solid metal construction, while remaining incredibly slim and space efficient. It's bright enough to illuminate streamers & vloggers ye..
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Brand: Godox
The Godox LED 1000D MKII Daylight DMX LED Video Light is a video light that offers a color temperature of 5600K with a variance of ±300K. The lamp is dimmable from 0 to 100%, and can be adjusted with his remote control with a range up to 165m, or directly on the panel thanks to his on-board LCD scre..
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Brand: Godox
Godox VL150 Led Video LightThe VL150 LED Video Light from Godox is a lightweight and compact LED Monolite-style light source suitable for various styles of Video and Photography on location or in a studio.The daylight-balanced LED features a CRI rating of 96 and TLCI rating of 95, producing highly a..
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Godox LEDP260C Godox LEDP260C
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Brand: Godox
The Godox LEDP260C video lamp is a powerful LED lamp with an adjustable color temperature from 3300 to 5600K and a light output of 2200 lumens at half a meter away. With a wide opening angle, the LEDP260C from Godox provides a nice soft lighting for photography and video. With the included tripod ad..
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Brand: Godox
The Godox ML60 combines portability and power in one compact 60W package.This daylight-balanced 60W LED light source is extremely handy in any situation where you need a potent, flexible and portable light source. This compact light has a build-in Godox Mount, and takes the popular Bowens Mount modi..
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