Launching in 2024

Today Canon have announced the development of the EOS R1 full-frame camera- the first flagship model for the EOS R SYSTEM with high performance at its heart.

Geared towards professionals, the EOS R1 brings together Canon’s cutting-edge technology and combines top-class performance with the strong durability and high reliability sought in a flagship model.

The new flagship camera will have a newly developed image processor DIGIC Accelerator alongside DIGIC X and a new sensor – a combination that will allow data processing at high speed for never-before-seen advancements in Auto Focus (AF) and enhanced image quality.  

On your marks…

The EOS R1 will persistently track subjects in sport scenarios, even when they’re momentarily hidden from view – for example, when subjects intersect in team sports. The newly developed Action Priority function will automatically detect the main subject performing a specific action (such as shooting a ball) and instantly move the AF frame, allowing photographers to capture key moments.

Get set…

The combination of a new image-processing system and Deep-Learning technologies will achieve high-speed and high-accuracy subject recognition and contribute to improved image quality.


We’ll be launching the EOS R1 this year.