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Fujifilm Instax Mini 40

Fujifilm Instax Mini 40

The INSTAX Mini 40 - Designed with a Classic Look

The Instax mini 40 is pumped with attitude for today's new generation of image-makers and shot takers. Combining 'fast to action' features with classic design cues and fresh Instax mini film, it'll keep you one shot ahead of the rest.

Selfie Mode

One-touch selfie: Forget lens switching. The mini 40 is ready to hit the streets running, thanks to the built-in selfie lens. Fire up the lens with an extra click, line yourself up in the mirror and capture your style in a one of a kind selfie.

Design Focused

Classic reinterpreted: Timeless and epic. And that's just the silhouette. Edged with premium silver accents, the deluxe black texture is sensational to touch, propelling the mini 40 into a league of its own. The time you made your statement?

Automatic Exposure

You want it, you've got it: Slowing down is not an option. The mini 40 lets you give your take on the go. Auto shutter speed. Auto brightness. So, what you see is what you get, every shot, every time.

Simple Operation

Take it easy: Join forces with the mini 40 and you'll be firing up stunning, high-quality images this season, and beyond. With fast functional controls, this camera lets you make your mark without missing a beat, or an iconic image.

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