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outdoor.case type 3000 - the stable adventure caseExtremely rugged, dustproof, waterproof, temperature-stable, stackable: Our outdoor cases have everything it takes to stand up to nature. One of the features that guarantees this is the super stable polypropylene (PP) material used to manufacture our..
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Brand: B&W
 outdoor.case type 4000: extremely sturdy thanks to polypropyleneThe outdoor.case type 4000, just like the other types in our outdoor case series, sports extremely sturdy properties and functions. The shell is made of impact-resistant polypropylene (PP), an extremely sturdy thermoplastic polyme..
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Brand: B&W
The type 5500 offers extreme convenience and tons of spaceIn the type 5500, any equipment can be transported anywhere safely. This outdoor case is extremely spacious and its three rubberized, ergonomic handles make it absolutely handy. Sensitive equipment such as cameras and rechargeable batteries a..
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