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Brand: Browning
The Browning Patriot is the latest model from the 2020 Browning collection, and a new addition to the dual lens technology. The sensor and lens combination has been fine-tuned to deliver clear and razor-sharp images both day and night, including a completely invisible infrared flash of military qual..
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Brand: Browning
The Browning Command Ops ELITE is Browning's cheapest cameratrap, which doesn't mean it isn't good. In fact, this model is packed with good specifications, ideal for the average nature enthusiast! The cameratrap features a visible infrared flas (low-glow) and is capable of taking both photos and vid..
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Brand: Browning
The Browning Dark Ops Full HD is the new entry-level model from the Browning 2022 series! Like all Dark Ops models, the Dark Ops Full HD is equipped with a highly invisible infrared flash, which makes the camera trap less noticeable to both animals and humans, while taking photos or videos. Both the..
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