0 DJI Mini 4 Pro Fly More Combo (RC 2 - with screen)
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DJI Mini 4 Pro Fly More Combo (RC 2 - with screen)

DJI Mini 4 Pro Fly More Combo (RC 2 - with screen)

DJI Mini 4 Pro Mini to the Max

Go Big With Mini

DJI Mini 4 Pro is our most advanced mini-camera drone to date. [4] It integrates powerful
imaging capabilities, omnidirectional obstacle sensing, ActiveTrack 360° with the new Trace
Mode, and 20km FHD video transmission, bringing even more things to love for pros and
beginners alike.

Chapter One: Take it Easy

Take off whenever the inspiration strikes. Weighing less than 249 g, Mini 4 Pro was designed

for convenience on the go, [1] and the drone's weight means there's no need for training or
registration in a majority of countries and regions.
249 g

Chapter Two: Out-sized Imaging


Capture more complex details easily with Mini 4 Pro's camera, powered by a 1/1.3-inch CMOS
sensor featuring Dual Native ISO Fusion, f/1.7 aperture, and 2.4μm 4-in-1 pixels. [5] More
highlight and shadow details with a high dynamic range means uncompromising results in
every frame.

Maximum Visual Impact

Give vibrant scenes the details they deserve with 4K/60fps HDR and 4K/100fps video, while
10-bit D-Log M and HLG help capture a stunning range of colors and provide more flexibility
while editing and sharing.

4K/60fps HDR

Preserve the natural wonder of any moment. 4K/60fps HDR lets you share the nuances of
sunset or sunrise in true-to-life quality.

Slo-Mo 4K/100fps

Immerse the audience in every frame. With slow motion in 4K clarity, capture the action on
the trails, at the beach, or in your own backyard at 100fps.

Highlight the Night

The improved noise reduction algorithm of Mini 4 Pro's Night Shots video effectively
suppresses noise and facilitates clearer, cleaner footage right from the camera.

1.07 Billion Colors

Record in 10-bit D-Log M and capture over one billion colors. The natural color gradations
and delicate full-spectrum details mean Mini 4 Pro unlocks pro-level post-production control
and expert-level creative editing flexibility.

Dynamic on Every Platform

No matter where you publish your content, HLG ensures the natural colors and brightness
remain true-to-life without adjustment or format conversion due to its high dynamic range.

RAW-Some Photos

It's often the little things that matter most. Preserve every intricate detail with 48MP RAW
and next-gen SmartPhoto [6] which combines HDR imaging, scene recognition, and more for
images that pop.

More Ways to See it All

True Vertical Shooting
Enables vertical recording
optimized for social media
and smartphone playback.

Large-Angle Tilt
Achieve ultra-smooth camera
motion with a 60° max tilt
angle, unlocking greater
cinematic potential.

Digital Zoom
Capture photos with up to 2x
zoom and videos with 4x
zoom, making the remote

Chapter Three: Intuitive Features,

Enhanced Flights

Sense More, Fly Safe

Omnidirectional obstacle sensing makes Mini 4 Pro mighty safe. With four wide-angle vision
sensors and a pair of downward vision sensors, it detects obstacles from all angles. Advanced
Pilot Assistance Systems (APAS) ensures additional safety by enabling automatic braking and
bypassing during flight.

Fly Longer, Create More

In Europe, Mini 4 Pro has C0 certification. With the standard Intelligent Flight Battery, you
get up to 34 minutes of flight time, ensuring seamless creation without battery concerns. [2]
34 mins
Standard Intelligent Flight Battery

20 km Video Transmission

Mini 4 Pro features DJI's O4 video transmission. Enjoy ultra-responsive control and smooth
1080p/60fps FHD live feeds from distances of up to 20 km. [3]
20 km

Full-Fledged Features

Waypoint Flight
Effortlessly enhance shooting
efficiency with Waypoint
Flight's automatic route
function for precise route

Cruise Control
Cruise Control can reduce
operation fatigue during long-
distance, steady-state flight and
further reduce camera shake
with smoother camera

Advanced RTH
Mini 4 Pro can automatically
plan a safe flight route back to
its home point and easily
bypass obstacles. Additionally,
the AR RTH route feature
facilitates more confident
control during return flights.

Chapter Four: Simply Masterful

A Touch of Cinematics

Mini 4 Pro has three effortless ways to get the shots you want: Spotlight, Point of Interest, and
the revolutionary new ActiveTrack 360° with enhanced subject tracking capabilities. Swipe a

path on the trace wheel interface to capture seamless cinematic shots. With omnidirectional
obstacle sensing, bypassing obstacles and achieving smoother, more stable tracking for pro-
level results is shockingly simple.

Edit with LightCut

LightCut supports wireless connection and intelligent recognition of composition and flight
routes, so you can edit quickly and generate eye-catching videos with one tap. By blending
imported footage from ActiveTrack, MasterShots, and QuickShots, the app automatically
matches sound effects and exclusive templates for quick, high-quality video production. Plus,
there is no need to download footage during the editing process, saving storage space on your smartphone.

Chapter Five: Get More out of Mini


This lightweight and easy-to-use remote controller comes with the built-in DJI Fly app,
eliminating the need for smartphone use during flight. The high-definition screen delivers a crisp
and clear view even under direct sunlight, optimizing your entire Mini 4 Pro experience.

DJI Mini 4 Pro Intelligent Flight Battery Plus

The same Intelligent Flight Battery Plus for the DJI Mini 3 Series provides a max flight time of 45
minutes [3] , ensuring a smooth and worry-free flight.
DJI Mini 4 Pro Two-Way Charging Hub

The same Two-Way Charging Hub used for the DJI Mini 3 Series. It can charge a remote
controller and three batteries sequentially. It can also be used as a mobile power source to
charge remote controllers, smartphones, and other devices and can even store the batteries for
convenient carrying securely.

DJI Mini 4 Pro Wide-Angle Lens [7]

Capture sweeping landscapes with the super-wide 100° FOV.

DJI Mini 4 Pro ND Filters Set (ND16/64/256) [7]

Adapt to strong lighting conditions with ND16/64/256 filters and always be ready for the
perfect shot.

DJI Mini 4 Pro 360° Propeller Guard [7]

Fully covers the propellers and is easy to attach and detach, ensuring flight safety in a simple
and efficient way.


* All data was tested using a production model DJI Mini 4 Pro in a controlled environment. Actual
experience may vary depending on the environment, usage, and firmware version.
** All videos and images on this page were shot in strict compliance with relevant local laws and
regulations. Demos are for reference only. Always observe local laws and regulations and ensure
the aircraft has obtained relevant certifications before flying.
1. The actual product weight may vary due to differences in batch materials and external
factors. Registration is not required in some countries and regions. With the Intelligent Flight
Battery Plus, the aircraft will weigh more than 249 g. Always check local laws and regulations
before use.
2. Measured at a constant speed of 21.6 kph in windless conditions. With the DJI Mini 4 Pro
Intelligent Flight Battery, the aircraft can fly for up to 34 minutes. The Intelligent Flight Battery
Plus extends the flight time to 45 minutes but is not sold in Europe. Do not use the Intelligent
Flight Battery Plus in Europe. Always check and strictly abide by local laws and regulations
before flying.
3. Measured in an outdoor, open environment, without interference, and with FCC
compliance. The above data shows the farthest communication range for one-way, non-return
flights. Always pay attention to RTH reminders in the DJI Fly app during your flight.
4. As of September 2023.
5. Achieved with QBC (Quad Bayer Coding) techniques that combine four pixels into one.
Not supported when shooting 48MP photos.
6. Supported when shooting 12MP photos only. Not supported when shooting 48MP photos.
7. Not included in combos, and sold separately.

Under 249 g [

4K/60fps HDR True Vertical Shooting

Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing

Extended Battery Life

20km FHD Video Transmission

ActiveTrack 360°

While maintaining a 249g lightweight design, DJI Mini 4 Pro boasts an omnidirectional vision sensing system to achieve omnidirectional obstacle sensing. It uses a new image-processing platform and supports recording 4K/60fps HDR videos, with optional 10-bit D-Log M and HLG color modes, elevating multiple shooting specifications. It is equipped with the DJI O4 FHD digital video transmission system, which provides a max transmission distance of up to 20 km*. It comes with the newly upgraded ActiveTrack 360°, Waypoint Flight, Advanced RTH, Cruise Control, and other intelligent features.

*Data tested under FCC standard in an unobstructed environment without interference. Used for reference purposes only and provides no guarantee for actual transmission distance.

Key Benefits:

Under 249 g

4K/60fps HDR True Vertical Shooting

Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing

Extended Battery Life

20km FHD Video Transmission

ActiveTrack 360°

In the Box
DJI Mini 4 Pro
DJI RC 2 Remote Controller
Intelligent Flight Battery × 3
Two-Way Charging Hub
Shoulder Bag
USB-C Cable
Spare Propellers (Pair) × 3
Screws × 18
Type-C to Type-C PD Cable
Gimbal Protector
Propeller Holder
Max Flight Time (without wind) 34 Minutes
Battery Intelligent Flight Battery: 2590 mAh
Camera Format 1/1.3-inch CMOS
Pixels 48 MP
Weight 249 g
ISO Sensitivity Video Normal and Slow Motion: 100-6400 (Normal) 100-1600 (D-Log M) 100-1600 (HLG) Night: 100-12800 (Normal) Photo 12 MP: 100-6400 48 MP: 100-3200
Memory Card Slot Supports a microSD with capacity of up to 512 GB
Recording Modes 4K: 3840×2160@24/25/30/48/50/60/100*fps FHD: 1920×1080@24/25/30/48/50/60/100*/200*fps * Recording frame rates. The corresponding video plays as slow-motion video. 4K/100fps and HLG/D-Log M only support H.265 coding.
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