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Nitecore USN4 Pro Double Charger for Sony NP-FZ100

Nitecore USN4 Pro Double Charger for Sony NP-FZ100

The Nitecore USN4 Pro charger is designed for charging two Sony NP-FZ100 batteries. Thanks to the high power, the USN4 Pro charges your batteries super fast in just 4 hours. The charger has a maximum output of 1200mA.

Compact and portable

The compact charger is easy to carry. The included USB cable can be neatly concealed at the back of the charger. This way the cable is not in the way and you do not forget to take it with you.

Multiple food sources

The USN4 Pro can be supplied with power not only via mains power, but also via a power bank or solar panel. Ideal when you are in the middle of nature or when traveling. You can find these articles under "Accessories".

Intelligent LCD screen

The LCD screen ensures that you are always aware of the battery status. You can read real-time information about the status of your batteries, the voltage, the charging current, battery temperature and how full your batteries are.

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