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Sony FE 50mm F2.5 G Lens

Sony FE 50mm F2.5 G Lens
Sony FE 50mm F2.5 G Lens
Compact, superbly-built standard prime lens
This standard prime lens packs the high image quality and beautiful bokeh of the G Lens into a compact design with superb build quality and intuitive operability. It's the ideal lens for shooting casual portraits. The fast, precise and quiet AF is ideal for shooting both stills and movies, ensuring capture of those vital moments.
A matching set of portable primes
This is one of our G Lens primes (sold separately), offering different focal lengths but the same external look, 49mm filter diameter, compact design, and layout. They're compact enough to carry all three so you're ready for great shots across a range of scenes and subjects, and the similar weight even makes gimbal rebalancing easy.
Intuitive, metal design and clear optics
The metal (aluminium) finish of the lens body and hood, plus the engraved focal length and aperture markings emphasise a superb build quality. The ultra-compact lightweight design, the high image quality of the G Lens, the aperture ring and Linear Response MF deliver intuitive operability that makes shooting a pleasure.
Beautiful natural bokeh
A 7-blade circular aperture is provided, with precise control of the spherical aberration that affects bokeh delivering the beautiful natural bokeh of the G Lens.
Double linear motors for fast, precise and quiet AF
Two linear motors deliver fast, precise AF with superb tracking performance that maximises camera body performance to capture decisive moments in street snaps, expression changes in portraits and the like. The fast, precise and quiet AF with superb tracking performance is ideal for shooting movies as well as stills.
Excellent close-up performance
A minimum focus distance of 35 cm (1.15 ft) (AF) / 31 cm (1.02 ft) (MF) and maximum magnification of 0.18x (AF) / 0.21x (MF) make the lens useful in many situations like table photography or shooting close-ups of flowers or small objects you find around town with a blurred background that makes the subject stand out.
Cap and filter can also fit on the hood
The diameter of the threaded hood is equal to the filter diameter of the lens (49mm), allowing the same cap and filter to be attached to both the hood and the lens barrel for added convenience.
Metal finish and dust/moisture resistance
The metal (aluminium) exterior finish of the lens body and hood contributes to reliability through increased strength and durability. The design is also dust and moisture resistant, providing reliability in harsh outdoor shooting environments.
Customisable focus hold button
The focus hold button is customisable from the camera menu, and can be assigned a function that the user prefers. For example if the Eye AF function that automatically tracks human eyes is assigned, the fingers of the right hand that hold the camera can remain fixed while the left thumb operates Eye AF, for more stable holding.
Natural, linear manual focus response
Linear Response MF provides a direct response to subtle focus ring adjustments when focusing manually. Ring rotation translates linearly to a corresponding change in focus like a mechanical control, directly reflecting the intent of the photographer and allowing delicate focus adjustments.
Switchable aperture-ring click stops
The aperture ring provides the immediacy of operation that professionals seek for still and movie shooting. Click stops can be switched ON for tactile feedback when shooting stills, or OFF to suppress the clicks when shooting movies, for smooth and natural aperture adjustments in combination with the quiet linear motors. This is ideal for situations requiring silence like stage movie shooting.
Easy manual/auto focus switching
The "focus mode switch" supports comfortable shooting by enabling instant switching between AF and MF depending on shooting conditions.
Accepts a variety of filters
The diameter of the threaded hood is equal to the filter diameter of the lens (49mm), allowing the same cap and filter to be attached to both the hood and the lens barrel.  Thanks to its internal focus, the front lens element does not rotate, allowing attachment of circular polarising filters for landscapes, ND filters for movies, etc., giving the user extra creative control.
75 mm equivalent on APS-C bodies
This lens also balances well on APS-C bodies, providing a wide-angle focal length of 75 mm (35mm full-frame format equivalent), useful for shooting a wide range of scenes including portraits around town.
Internal focus for comfortable movie shooting
The internal focus design maintains the overall length of the lens constant when focusing, allowing easy movie shooting with a gimbal or grip attached.
What's in the box?
The following items are provided with this product
Hood (model): ALC-SH166
Lens front cap: ALC-F49S
Lens rear cap: ALC-R1EM
Camera Format Full Frame
Filter diameter (mm) 49
Lens Hood ALC-SH166
Weight 174 g
Lens Mount FE
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  • Model: SEL50F25G
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